C4 transmission vacuum hook up

Understanding automatic transmissions,mustang c4, c6, and fmx automatics are simple machines you can service yourself , clcik here for. Bill shows you how to install a threaded vacuum modulator valve on your 1965-1972 mustang with a c4 or c6 automatic transmission. Vacuum modulator c4 tranny this one does not have a bracket - how do i remove it what part of the body of the modulator is the bolt in front.

Hoses corbin hoses hook up as follows from the drivers side to the passenger side: hose 1 transmission hose 2 first it goes to a t one side of the t goes to a diaphram on the back of the carberator and the other side goes to a valve with the heater hose going to it.

The main components that make up an automatic transmission include: planetary gear sets which are the mechanical systems that provide the various forward gear ratios as well as reverse the hydraulic.

Automatic for the people written by kevin elliott on september 14 “the aod is a good swap choice from a c4, c6, or fmx transmission and shares many common dimensions with them the aod also uses the small-block bellhousing pattern which fits 250 and 300 six-cylinder engines, as well as 289, 302, 351 windsor and 351 cleveland” the aod transmission. Mvt001: 1965-1966 mustang vacuum modulator line v8 c4 includes rubber line: $2299/kit.

Hi, i did some searching but did not come up with the help i need i have a c4 ford trans and it shifts hard and late, i am running a tunnel ram with 2 edelbrock 1404's and it is currently hooked up to ported vacuum. Trans is newly overhauled c4 with shift kit using green stripe modulator c4 modulator and early shifting issues ride is 34 ford 3 window powered by 420 hp edlelbrock crate 351 windsor trans is newly overhauled c4 with shift kit using green stripe modulator modulator rod is home made, 16875 l and 127 thick modulator checked with vacuum.

Select your preferred location and we'll note which parts are ready to be picked up today automatic transmission vacuum lines replace your rusted or worn automatic transmission vacuum lines with something better our selection of steel and stainless steel lines from classic tube and right stuff detailing are made to. Thanks kutzler tranz great explanation on what the vacuum modulator does instead of using up a aaa tow would it be possible to plug the vacuum line hose and drive it to transmission shop about 6 or 7 miles away without doing more damage.

Transmission vacuum advance hookup hi im using a perf rpm intake on a small blockwhere is the best place to hook up the transmission vacuum can line to i ask because i was told to hook it up to the port opening on the manifold with a adapter thats right below the carb the problem is the carb sits right on top of the opening with no room to sparecan the vacuum line be hooked up. Autozone repair guide for your driveability and emissions controls vacuum diagrams vacuum diagrams. Best answer: assuming that you mean the vacuum for the trans there will be a hard line between the engine and the transmission it runs down the back of the engine and along the transmission's bellhousing and the case (the c6 just happens to have an integral bell and case, the c4 for example doesn't) it. I've got a vacuum line at the back of the engine running along the bell housing i read somewhere that this line was important to make sure the transmission.

C4 transmission vacuum hook up
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